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Alensleep Sleeping pills in Soft-gel Form, Melatonin 10mg as a Natural Sleeping Aid, Sleep Tight with Alvizia's Premium Non-Habit Forming Sleep supplements For Deep Sleeping (30 Softgel Capsules)

Nutritional Information (Approx. Value) *RDA% Per Serving/1 Capsule
Energy Values 2.26 kcal
Carbohydrate 0.06 g
Proteins 0.100 g
Total Fat 0.180 g
Melatonin ** 10 mg


Melatonin is the natural hormone human body secretes that helps to maintain wake-sleep cycle which is also called as "biological clock". It is produced by the pineal gland in the body Melatonin is also made synthetically and available without a prescription as an over-the-counter OTC dietary supplement.
This helps you fall asleep faster and decrease the number of times you awake during the night. It also help you sleep for a longer time. Melatonin is a substance that your body normally makes.
Melatonin supplementation has been suggested to have many uses, from sleep disorders to cancer treatment. Melatonin supplement a exogeneous hormone are made synthetically

Its helpful in
  • help decrease jet lag
  • adjust sleep cycles in the blind ( Non-24)
  • used in insomnias


Melatonin binds to melatonin receptor type 1A, which then acts on adenylate cylcase and the inhibition of a cAMP signal transduction pathway. Melatonin not only inhibits adenylate cyclase, but it also activates phosphilpase C. This potentiates the release of arachidonate by binding to melatonin receptors. The melatonin receptors are G protein-coupled receptors and are expressed in various tissues of the body. The binding of melatonin to MT2 receptors inhibits adenylyl cyclase which decreases the formation of cAMP. Binding to MT2 receptors probably affects PLC which increases protein kinase C 'PKC' activity. Activation of the receptor can lead to ion flux inside the cell.


Store out of reach of children. Dietary supplement only-Not to be used for on in the Diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of any diseases.

Recommended usage

As directed by the dietician.


Store in a cool, Dry Place. Protect From Direct Sunlight and Heat.

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    Helps so much in falling sleep

    Pawan Kumar

    - September 15, 2020

    I struggle with falling asleep. This supplement greatly helped me after taking for few days. So thankful for this product

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    Very very nice product

    Krishan Kumar Sengar

    - 15 May 2020

    Very effective product

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